A Quick Guide To Getting Sympathy Flowers Right

It is important to get it right when it comes to giving flowers in times of trouble. Especially if the sympathy is to express condolences in the event of death, it is probably the hardest possible gift choice you will ever make.

That’s because:

1. You want to properly and appropriately express your heartfelt thoughts and emotions.

2. And just as importantly, you don’t want to send the wrong message at this most difficult time of sadness.

Luckily, the right little gift or gesture in hard times really can speak more than just words ever will. And flowers are an excellent choice for sympathy.

But it’s important to get those sympathy flowers right. Let’s look at a few things to bear in mind:

1. Be culturally appropriate

We know that flowers are an excellent choice in our Western culture, but ensure that your gift is also sympathetic to the culture and religion of the recipient. Luckily, most cultures love flowers, but did you know that potted plants are considered an inappropriate gift in Japan?

2. Send the right flowers

Flowers as a sign of sympathy are widely accepted and appreciated, except when a family has, for example, specifically asked for gifts in lieu of flowers.

Lilies, roses and even plants are very common funeral or sympathy gifts, while carnations are also used regularly in sympathy arrangements – and pink carnations represent remembrance. Also, don’t shy away from sending bright flowers, because brightness, colour and fragrance can really light up a dark day.

3. Choose the right arrangement

If you are getting flowers delivered, consider a small to mid-sized vase arrangement or even a sympathy gift basket, which are both appropriate for bereavement. For delivery to the funeral home, consider a spray or wreath which may be displayed.

4. Send to the right person

In the case of a bereavement, you may not actually know the person you are sending the flowers to very well, so make sure you get the recipient right. Be sure to add a note briefly explaining how you knew their loved one.

And if there is going to be a delay between buying the flowers and actually sending them, make sure you read our earlier blog post about keeping them fresh.

5. Send at the right time

Luckily, the ‘right time’ is just about any time – because even a week or two after the sad event in question, it’s great to know people are still thinking about you.

In short, there are an almost endless amount of appropriate sympathy flower arrangements, so we’d love to hear some of your favourites.